My level of English to begin with was practically zero. After a year with Prof. Ozsoy I can say that I was able to understand written and spoken English, and although my conversation skills were not perfect, they weren’t entirely incomprehensible either. The only drawback: my teacher moved away and I wasn’t able to continue!!!

Tiziana Sarno

Software Developer, Milan

Studying with Nilufer was like an adventurous journey through the English language. Super!

Karim Temri

Middle school student,, Milan

Nilufer Ozsoy was one of the best English teachers I ever had. I remember her method as being fun and easy! I miss her…please come back to Spain!

Idamor Fernández

Partner and Creative Director, Framboise Digital Communications, Madrid

Intelligent, well-prepared and funny: some adjectives to describe my English teacher.
Essential for helping me deal with professional relations in the English language.

Dr. Paolo Arnone

Surgeon, Milan

Nilufer’s personality and her teaching skills make the lesson easy and enjoyable.

Dr. Paolo Cignozzi

Psychologist of the National Ice Skating Olympic Team

Much more than just a teacher. Nothing is left to chance. Nilufer conscientiously prepares her lessons and makes them enjoyable by searching for topics that genuinely interest you. In this way learning new grammar actually becomes interesting. Besides broadening your language skills, you become much more culturally-aware by considering diverse topics such as art, marketing and trends. Nilufer’s grounding in proof-reading demonstrates a sound knowledge of the English language and familiarity with advertising terms, essential for the marketing sector.

Isabel Prieto Pardo

Current Director of Communication and Advertising for KP, Former Director of Strategies and Creativity for IFF (Consultants for brand content)